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No Plane No Gain Resources Highlight Business Aviation’s Value In Virginia
May 09, 2014

Highlighting the benefits of the state’s business aviation resources to government officials and agencies was a key theme of the recent Virginia Department of Aviation Open House, and organizers employed several NBAA resources to help share that message.

"In short, we help the state conduct business most efficiently," noted Steve Harris, Director of Flight Operations & Safety Division for the Virginia Department of Aviation (DOAV). "Virginia is a long state, and by ground it's a day-long affair to go from one end to the other. Many of the personnel flying with us say that they couldn't do business without us.”

Now in its second year, the Open House offered the opportunity to thank the people who regularly utilize the state's aircraft, while also encouraging additional personnel and state agencies to discover the benefits of business aviation. Copies of NBAA’s Business Aviation Fact Book and Top Ten advocacy publications were distributed to the approximately 100 attendees at the April 30 event to further demonstrate the industry’s significance to Virginia.

The NBAA Business Aviation Fact Book presents the broad scope and value of the business aviation industry, with real-world information and data about its value to citizens, companies and communities across the country. Visit NBAA’s web site to order your free copy of the association’s Business Aviation Fact Book.

The Top Ten booklet, featuring testimonials from ten highly respected CEOs about how business aviation works for their companies, highlights the practical application of those themes. Visit NBAA’s web site to order your free copy of the No Plane No Gain Top Ten booklet. 

Virginia is home to 66 public-use airports, 52 of which are accessible by the department's two Beechcraft King Air 350 turboprop aircraft. “We provide support to all the Commonwealth departments and agencies, including state universities, with passenger transport,” Harris noted. “DOAV routinely supports the governor’s office and the Virginia Economic Development Partnership (VDEP) on their missions to bring greater economic development opportunities to the Commonwealth.  

“Our aircraft are great business tools which we use to attract more businesses to Virginia communities,” he added. “Our customers include the governor, the state corrections department, and state universities. We even conduct human organ transplant flights (Life Flights) in support of Virginia Commonwealth University Health System or Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center.”

Approximately three-quarters of the department’s flights are between points within Virginia, though Harris noted that an increasing number of missions are to destinations outside the state, and in excess of 350 nautical miles. In fact, Virginia’s aircraft have landed in all 48 contiguous United States.

Harris pointed to a recent trip by Virginia’s Secretary of Transportation, Aubrey Layne. Taking off in the morning from the state capital of Richmond, Layne and 10 staffers flew to the western edge of the state to oversee a site survey and participate in a public hearing.

“They were all back by early evening,” he added. “That kind of trip would not have been possible without business aviation.”

In addition to the NBAA materials distributed at the Open House, the department also presented attendees with fact sheets regarding the aviation department's International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAO) Level 2 certification, highlighting its compliance with procedures and best practices identified by the International Business Aviation Council (IBAC).

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