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No Plane No Gain ‘Top Ten’ Booklet Continues to Prove a Valuable Advocacy Tool
Feb 28, 2014

No Plane No Gain ‘Top Ten’ Booklet Continues to Prove a Valuable Advocacy Tool

The No Plane No Gain “Top Ten” booklet, featuring testimonials from 10 great CEOs from 10 great companies, each with one of 10 great reason s for using business aviation, continues to be a frequently requested advocacy resource, and a highly effective one for illustrating for policymakers and opinion leaders the value of business aviation to highly respected companies.

For example, NBAA regional representative Stacy Howard, who distributed the “Top Ten” booklet to lawmakers at recent “aviation day” advocacy gatherings during legislative sessions in Arizona and New Mexico, said she told legislators that the business leaders featured in the booklet manage “the very kinds of businesses you want to invest in your state” – a message that resonated with the decision-makers.

Howard also recently distributed copies of the “Top Ten” booklet to a regional coalition of Phoenix-area community leaders, and also to several California state lawmakers during a visit to Sacramento. The resource was met with a positive reception by those groups as well.

“I'm excited to have this important tool that not only connects with lawmakers, who see the opportunity the industry represents to their communities and constituents, but also with other company leaders who have their own stories to tell about how business aviation has helped their companies grow and flourish,” Howard added.  

Introduced last year at the 2013 NBAA Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition, and sponsored by the No Plane No Gain campaign, the “Top Ten” booklet features business leaders who are recognized around the world, and companies that are household names, including FedEx Chairman and CEO Frederick W. Smith, Enterprise Holdings Executive Chairman Andrew C. Taylor, Cox Enterprises President and CEO Jimmy Hayes and others.

Each person featured in the booklet shares how business aviation helps his or her company enhance productivity, travel quickly and efficiently to destinations across the U.S. and around the globe, build strong relationships with customers and employees in distant locations and surpass competitors.

A related advertising campaign also sponsored by the No Plane No Gain program, highlights the leaders’ declarations of the value of business aviation through print ads, online ads and other placements. Learn how the “Top Ten” booklet helps spread the message about the value of business aviation, and how you can order the advocacy tool.

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