NBAA Unveils New ‘No Plane No Gain’ Advertising at 2012 Convention
Oct 30, 2012

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Orlando, FL, October 30, 2012 – A new media campaign emphasizing the size, importance and diversity of the business aviation community was unveiled today during NBAA’s 65th Annual Meeting & Convention (NBAA2012), now underway in Orlando, FL.

Six new print advertisements promoting the message of the No Plane No Gain program are featured throughout Convention site at the Orange County Convention Center in hanging signage, displays on the show floor and in the NBAA press room, as well as in trade publications and other media outlets at the event.

Each ad features a real-world account of job creation, small business growth and other important roles served by the industry, all parts of the "diverse composite" of business aviation, according to NBAA President and CEO Ed Bolen.

Communicating the value of business aviation in America today is the central mission of the No Plane No Gain advocacy campaign, which is jointly sponsored by NBAA and the General Aviation Manufacturers Association. 

"We hope these advertisements help introduce – and reintroduce – business aviation to lawmakers and opinion leaders,” said Bolen. “We want to show the diversity of people and companies that are using business aviation to succeed, as well as to benefit their local communities and people across the United States."

One advertisement features Dorette Kerr, manager of flight administration at John Deere Global Aviation Services. "In this ad, we highlight the many jobs in the industry, which may be jobs people don't think about, but are nonetheless important," Bolen noted. "We're also noting that having a business airplane helps John Deere compete on a global stage from its Moline, IL headquarters."

Other print ads include:

  • An ad featuring Viking Range Corporation, which tells of how the company uses its business airplanes to bring clients and distributors for product presentations to the company’s headquarters, located in Greenwood, MS, a town two hours from the nearest commercial airport.
  • An ad featuring Ascension Aircraft CEO Jamail Larkins, who explains how his airplane allows his Georgia-based aviation business to compete against larger companies. “Business airplanes “aren't a reward for success, but a way to achieve it,” Larkins explains in the ad.  
  • An ad featuring pilot and small-business owner Brad Pierce, who travels in his single-engine piston aircraft to keep his restaurant supply company agile against larger competitors.
  • An ad featuring Desert Jet President Denise Wilson, whose charter aircraft company helps businesses operate more efficiently, while also providing much-needed jobs throughout Southern California.

A sixth advertisement showcases the humanitarian roles that business aircraft play for local communities and individuals, such as providing critical medical transportation and relief support.

"Taken together, these ads highlight that business aviation is essential in supporting jobs, helping companies be nimble and competitive, connecting towns and cities, and providing humanitarian support," Bolen added.

That message will also be shared through the Association's recently announced advertising sponsorship of the PBS series, The Aviators, a weekly program featuring stories from throughout the aviation industry.

This sponsorship includes a 15-second advertisement, based on the campaign’s first television ad, “One Industry,” which was originally released in 2009 and broadcast on cable television and public affairs programming. View the original “One Industry” ad, and the version of the ad airing on The Aviators this broadcast season.

"The No Plane No Gain program is about he business aviation community defining itself, and we have a great story to tell," Bolen concluded. "It's important that we keep finding new ways to tell this story, and out new print and tv ads are key to that effort."

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