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Brownback calls for support of general aviation
Feb 26, 2010

El Dorado, Kan. - U.S. Senator Sam Brownback commented on last week's tragedy in Austin, Texas, but expressed concern that the general aviation industry will be overly harmed by unnecessary restrictions.

"We should do everything we can to fully investigate the tragedy in Texas and do what we can to prevent anything like this from happening again while doing our best not to harm a critical industry in my home state,"
said Brownback. "General aviation is a vital component of our way of life; it facilitates commerce, transportation, safety and rescue operations, and creates jobs for millions of Americans."

In the economic downturn, general aviation sales have significantly declined; thousands of general aviation workers have been laid off over the past year.  In the Wichita area alone, 13,000 aviation-related jobs have been lost.  Nationally, general aviation companies have laid off 19,000 workers.  According to the U.S. Department of Labor, for every one general aviation worker on the production line, three jobs outside the immediate company are created, in manufacturing, engineering, supply, or support.

Brownback continued, "People within the general aviation community are totally committed to the safe and secure operation of the system and take great pride in looking for ways to continually improve it.  We should not let the tragedy in Texas lead to government actions which will further burden the use of general aviation aircraft.  We can be safe and secure without hurting a vital national industry."

Earlier this month, Brownback introduced the General Aviation Depreciation bill, which would provide special depreciation allowance and recovery period for general aviation aircraft and continues to fight against increases in general aviation user fees.  Additionally, Brownback has led the effort over the past couple years to ensure that the proposed Large Aircraft Security Program, a TSA regulation, does not create additional operational burdens and increased cost for general aviation operators.

Brownback concluded, "The Kansas and U.S. general aviation industry is the safest and most productive in the world.  The members of the general aviation team will continue to be vigilant to ensure the system works for all Americans.  I applaud their efforts and stand with them."

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