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Business Aviation Provides A Lifeline To Communities Across The Country

Business Aviation serves communities forgotten by airlines.

Quick Facts

Although some 500 airports have limited commercial airline service, almost all airline flights service only 70 major hubs.  For the myriad communities in America that are not serviced by these few hubs, there is simply no way to get there without business aviation.

In the last year, more than 100 cities across America saw a decline in scheduled commercial airline service.  What's worse, more than 30 communities lost airline service entirely.



Keith Laken - Lifeline Pilots

“General aviation is the lifeline for America’s rural communities. Without it, thousands of communities not served by the big commercial airlines would be left without the ability to quickly travel or transport much needed supplies or persons in a crisis situation.  I am privileged to be Executive Director of Lifeline Pilots, a charity made up of small aircraft owners, pilots, and other dedicated volunteers. We take patients in need of medical treatment to specialized facilities that can give them the care they need – for free. Many of these patients experience discomfort during long periods of travel, and simply couldn’t handle a long car ride to an airport, the hassle of getting on a commercial flight, flying out, and then taking another incredibly long car ride to their specialized facility. General aviation is the answer for these patients.”
Mayor Rick Fernau, Show Low, AZ

“All over the Gulf Coast after Hurricane Katrina, general aviation collectively stepped up to the plate and assisted in the recovery process, evacuating people in need, bringing in vital supplies, and taking the critically injured far away for treatment. If there was ever a disaster here, we would need general aviation’s assistance. There is no question about that.”

Mayor Fred Bott, Devils Lake, ND

“General aviation is a literal lifeline to thousands of communities around the U.S that do not have commercial airline service.  In the wake of the recent disaster here in North Dakota, general aviation planes and airports were crucial in helping the Civil Air Patrol and National Guard monitor the floodwaters to make evacuation plans and watch hazardous effects of the flood such as downed power lines.  We have to ensure that this vital lifeline is preserved.”   (5/7/09) – General Aviation News

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