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A Look At North Dakota Enterprises That Depend on Business Aviation
A Look At North Dakota Enterprises That Depend on Business Aviation

In a state as large as North Dakota, having an airplane for business can be a critical asset to the success of a company. 

Cody L. Fleck and his wife Jamie Fleck, from the Bismarck suburb of Mandan, own two businesses: Trucks Trailers and More and a specialty staffing company called Dakota Travel Nurse. 

“I’d been thinking about buying a company airplane,” said Cody Fleck. “Then one day we had a meeting that was six and a half hours away [by car]. We were literally 10 minutes out [from the destination] when they called and postponed the meeting, so we drove six and a half hours back, then six and a half hours to the meeting the next day.” Jamie Fleck, who had previously been unenthusiastic about having a business airplane, changed her mind that day. 

“The airplane helps us please our clients by getting to them much faster than if we had to drive,” said Cody Fleck.

Rick Anderson is president of Dakota Sanitation, Inc., which provides rural residential and commercial garbage services and rents roll-off containers throughout North Dakota and in Detroit Lakes, MN. 

“Time is something people don’t have a whole lot of anymore,” said Anderson. “So if you optimize your time with an aircraft, boy, what a difference.” He said the company airplane is invaluable in many ways, including quick parts delivery for broken-down trucks. He also shows customers work locations from the air, which builds a rapport necessary for any business.

Anderson estimated that his business airplane provides 5 to 7 percent of his company’s profitability. “Having an aircraft has become a way of life for this corporation,” he said. “I can’t see ever not flying.”

Mike Wagoner, of Bismarck, is CEO of the international division of Sea Foam International, which is headquartered in Eden Prairie, MN. His company sells Sea Foam engine additive and several related products. 

“We had a customer in jeopardy one day, and felt it was important to have a sit-down meeting with them,” said Wagoner. “It would have been about five or six hours by car, but we flew there in a couple hours,” he related. “We had a fantastic meeting, the customer felt great about us showing up, and we flew home.

“A business person has a number of tools in their toolbox such as computers, other technology and general aviation,” he said. “To me, general aviation is a huge tool – to be able to travel quickly and easily on your own schedule.”

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