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Wall Street Journal
WSJ runs NBAA letter about sensationalist industry coverage
Jun 24, 2009
A Letter from NBAA's Ed Bolen published in the June 24 edition of The Wall Street Journal responds to the newspaper's recent account of business aviation, which missed key facts about the mode of transportation and overlooked its benefits.

Chicago Tribune
2010 seen as another bumpy year for business jets
Jun 22, 2009

By Christopher Hinton | McClatchy/Tribune news
The challenging economy and misperceptions about business aviation continue to take a toll on the industry, a situation that is not expected to change anytime soon. "We anticipate 2010 is going to be a tough year for business aviation," a Rockwell Collins representative tells the newspaper at an aviation show.

San Fernando Valley Business Journal
Aviation Battles a Black Eye
Jun 22, 2009

By Mark Madler
"What we are trying to do is tell the full and complete story of business aviation and not be defined by an unrepresentative stereotype...," NBAA's Ed Bolen says of the No Plane No Gain campaign.

San Fernando Valley Business Journal
Whiteman Serving Business Aviation in Low Key Way
Jun 22, 2009

By Mark Madler
Business aviation serves airports which, like Whiteman Airport, are often without airline service. As this story reports, "...Whiteman Airport may be a small airfield but it looms large for those pilots keeping aircraft there and businesses located there."

NBC Story Highlights Veterans Airlift Command
Jun 22, 2009
This story highlights the work being done by Veterans Airlift Command to provide free air transportation to wounded warriors, veterans and their families for medical and other compassionate purposes through a national network of volunteer aircraft owners and pilots, including people in the business aviation community. No Plane No Gain highlights the industry's support for groups that help people and communities in need.

Des Moines Register
Letter: Small airports key to business growth
Jun 13, 2009

By Jack Oswald
A letter from a reader and business owner demonstrates how business aviation will help his employees reach the company's facilities in towns located across Iowa. "...Having small airports all over the state will make it feasible to build, visit and manage our operations in a way that would be very challenging otherwise."

Aviation International News
Bizjet Recovery Still 'Far Off,' Says J.P. Morgan
Jun 11, 2009

Chad Trautvetter
Economic turbulence has taken a toll on new business jet sales, and a recovery "still looks far off," according to an analyst quoted in this story.

The [Cedar Rapids, IA] Gazette
Justifying jets: Travel discouraged
Jun 07, 2009

By David Dewitte
The paper reports: "About 3,000 jobs at Rockwell Collins in Cedar Rapids [IA] are in some way associated with the business jet market."

Savannah Morning News
Editorial: No plane, no gain
Jun 06, 2009
The newspaper's Editorial Board points out that business aviation employs 1.2 million people, and that "the industry's annual $150 billion output ripples through communities, supporting hosts of local businesses and key social service organizations like the United Way."

Company Jet Expands Business Opportunities
Jun 03, 2009
Labov and Beyond is a Fort Wayne-based marketing communications business that serves clients across the country. Their business jet provides them with opportunities that wouldn't otherwise be possible. In typical week, the airplane transports four to six company workers for business in cities like New York, Washington and Atlanta.  

Squawkbox (CNBC)
Private jet Industry's Rough Ride
Jun 03, 2009
As CNBC's Squawkbox reports, turbulent economic times and misperceptions about business aviation have sent the industry into "uncharted territory." NetJets founder and CEO Richard Santulli clarifies the misperceptions, reminding viewers: "These airplanes are very, very effective business tools."

Palm Springs [CA] Life
PSST - Rising to the Occasion
Jun 01, 2009
Business aviation frequently serves as a life saver for people in need, Denise Wilson, says. The president and founder of charter company Desert Jet points to Angel Flight, Corporate Angel Network, PilotsNPaws, and Special Olympics Airlift as a few examples of how pilots volunteer their time and skills.

The Weekly of Business Aviation
Gulfstream Leader Sees BizAv Image Gains
Jun 01, 2009

By Kerry Lynch
Gulfstream Leader Sees BizAv Image Gains June 1, 2009 Gulfstream President Joe Lombardo notes that the No Plane, No Gain program sends a cohesive, industry-wide message that business airplanes "...Are made for business, and we should not vilify people who use them."
Business Aviation Fights Back
May 30, 2009

By: Jennifer Harrington
NBAA's Ed Bolen and GAMA's Pete Bunce discuss how industry groups and airplane manufacturers have been working together to survive the recession. Bolen: "Business aviation is critical to tens of thousands of cost-conscious companies fighting to succeed in a difficult market."

Fort Worth Star-Telegram
Gulfstream, affiliate to lay off workers at Love Field facilities
May 27, 2009

By Bob Cox
As this story reports: "Gulfstream Aerospace and an affiliate plan to lay off about 25 percent of their combined work force employed at Love Field facilities in Dallas, a direct result of the recession, which has severely hurt business aviation."

SmartMoney Magazine
In Defense of Your Own Plane
May 26, 2009

By Stephen Pope
This article explains why, even in a challenging economy, business aviation remains a critical tool for companies of all sizes. "The fastest route out of economic difficulty is increased productivity," says Jack Olcott, president of General Aero Co., a Hackensack, N.J.-based business-aviation consulting firm. "A business aircraft enhances the productivity of a company's two most important assets: people and time.

Textron sees corporate jet deliveries down in 2010
May 19, 2009
A weakened economy and "an image blow" have severely challenged the business aviation industry. Recovery is likely to trail that for other sectors, this story reports.

CBS News
Corporate Jets: Luxury Or Necessity?
May 17, 2009
CBS News' Mark Strassmann reports about the widely-held misunderstanding that business aircraft are symbols of excess.  In the TV interview, Wes Stowers of Stowers Machinery Corp. explains that his King Air 350 is "...comfortable and functional. But not exactly luxurious."  Stowers continues: If having a private plane was just a fun perk, "We would get rid of it."

Aviation International News
Bizav bites back in bogus class war
May 14, 2009

By Stephen Pope
GAMA's Pete Bunce tells a business aviation industry gathering that the No Plane No Gain program, "is focused on defending business aviation by pointing out that the industry contributes more than $1.5 billion to the economy and employs almost 100,000 people. The associations have also written letters to politicians, penned op-ed pieces and appeared on TV to defend the industry." 

Aero News Network
Bolen (Re)Educates Senate, 'GA Is Fundamental To America's Future'
May 14, 2009
NBAA President and CEO Ed Bolen took the No Plane No Gain message to Senators in testimony before a recent subcommittee hearing. "Aviation plays a critical role in driving economic growth and investment across the country," Bolen told members of the subcommittee.

Pilots group takes to the airwaves
May 06, 2009

By Chris Frates
NBAA's Ed Bolen tells "Politico" that the No Plane No Gain campaign focuses on educating policymakers and opinion leaders about the value of business aviation to citizens, companies and communities across the country. "We want to make sure that business aviation is understood for what it really is: an essential part of our economy and transportation system," Bolen said.

GA Deliveries Decline 41 Percent In First Quarter
May 06, 2009
GAMA President and CEO Pete Bunce reports slipping sales of business aircraft, and says: "We are dealing first and foremost with the severe negative effects of a worldwide economic downturn, but also with unwarranted criticism focused on the industry. The result has been the cancellation of orders for new airplanes and the loss of more than 15,000 high-paying jobs for American workers over the last several months."

The Gazette [Cedar Rapids, IA]
Jet cancellation hits Rockwell Collins jobs
May 06, 2009

By Dave DeWitte
Business aviation has been "hit hard by the downturn in the economy," the paper reports. Rockwell Collins recently announced employee layoffs following the suspension of one airplane company's planned new aircraft type.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Companies cut back on corporate flights
May 03, 2009

By Ken Leiser
This article reports on a public education campaign, launched by NBAA and GAMA, "...Dubbed, 'No Plane, No Gain.' "We believe that the downturn in business aviation has been exacerbated this time around because of a negative stereotype that we believe is unfounded," said Ed Bolen, president and CEO of the NBAA.

Flying Magazine
No Plane, No Gain
May 01, 2009

By J. Mac McClellan
Veteran aviation industry journalist J. Mac McClellan details the steps being taken under the business aviation community's No Plane No Gain initiative to educate policymakers and opinion leaders about the essential role business aviation plays for citizens, companies and communities across the U.S.

Fox Business Network
NBAA's Ed Bolen Explains Importance of Business Aviation
Apr 29, 2009
In his latest cable TV interview, NBAA President and CEO Ed Bolen explains the importance of business aviation to citizens, companies and communities across the country, and the work of the No Plane No Gain initiative to educate policymakers and opinion leaders about the essential role of business aviation in America today.

Bloomberg News
Gulfstream, Cessna in 2-Year Slide as CEOs Shun Jets
Apr 28, 2009

By Andrea Rothman and Susanna Ray
Bloomberg News Gulfstream, Cessna in 2-Year Slide as CEOs Shun Jets April 28, 2009 The economic slump and a negative view of business aviation resulted in steep job losses among business airplane manufacturers, which have shed 15,000 jobs in recent months.

Investor's Business Daily
Does Business-Jet Concept Fly In Stormy Economy?
Apr 24, 2009

By Doug Tsuruoka
In a tough economy, business aviation can help companies of all sizes remain nimble and stay ahead of their competitors. NBAA President and CEO Ed Bolen states: "If you have to be in Tulsa and Shreveport and Buffalo in the same day, you can't do that with a car or a commercial can do three meetings in one day rather than three meetings in three days."
Private Aviation Battles Image Woes
Apr 21, 2009

By Ted Reed
Responding to the impact of an economic downturn and a negative perception of business aviation, the No Plane No Gain campaign "points out that business aviation creates more than 1.2 million jobs and has a positive balance-of-trade impact, with most major manufacturers based in the U.S. Among business jet operators, 85% are small and midsized companies, while just 4% are among the Fortune 500."

The Hackensack [NJ] Record
Corporate Jet Maker Cuts 25 Teterboro Jobs
Apr 19, 2009

By James M. O'Neill
Business airplane maker Dassault Falcon announced job cuts at its facility at New Jersey's Teterboro Airport. The business aviation industry "has been reeling" from the bad economy and misperceptions about business aviation. Company spokesman Andrew Ponzoni says business airplanes "...Are a significant productivity and time-management tool that helps companies get their sales people in front of customers."

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Drop in business travel hits hospitality industry, creates PR problems
Apr 19, 2009

By Ann Belser
Negative perceptions about business aviation and an economic slump have caused a sharp drop in use of business airplane flights. "A drop in flights has cost some of the people who schedule, clean, maintain and refuel the planes their jobs," this story reports.  

Boston Herald
Marathon's Big Wheels: Wounded Vets Heroes On, Off Race Course
Apr 19, 2009

By Peter Gelzinis
This article tells the story of two disabled military veterans' participation in the Boston Marathon. The vets were transported from the Walter Reed Medical Center to Boston by donated business jets.

National Public Radio
Corporate Jet Business Struggles With Bad Image
Apr 16, 2009

By Peter Overby
NPR's "Morning Edition" focuses on how the economic downturn and negative perceptions about business aviation have hurt jobs and businesses in the industry. "We've already lost about 12,000 jobs over the past six months," says Paul Feldman with the General Aviation Manufacturers Association. 

Aviation Week & Space Technology Magazine
Business Aviation Taps Twitter
Apr 14, 2009

By Benet Wilson
No Plane No Gain is making use of a variety of online initiatives to highlight the essential role business aviation plays in America. National Business Aviation Association spokesman Dan Hubbard reports:  "We wanted to make sure we were utilizing new media opportunities to help inform people about what No Plane, No Gain is doing to advocate for business aviation."
Business Aviation-Myths and Realities
Apr 14, 2009

Aircrew Buzz delivered by Newstex
This business aviation blogger's post observes that a weakened economy and negative perceptions about business aviation have adversely impacted the industry. "Business aviation is much more commonplace than most people imagine," the blogger notes.

Aircrew Buzz Blog
Business Aviation - Myth and Realities
Apr 14, 2009
This aviation blog points out that business aircraft are commonly used, "...To transport maintenance technicians, sales teams, and others whose domains are their companies' nuts and bolts, not executive suites." The post also observes that associations representing business aviation "...Have been doing what they can to counter the bad publicity" about the industry.

NBAA Update
Bolen Provides No Plane No Gain Update for Dallas Forum Attendees
Apr 13, 2009
At NBAA's Dallas Regional Forum last week, Association President and CEO Ed Bolen provided an update on No Plane No Gain, the industry's advocacy campaign. "We want to make sure policymakers and opinion leaders are well aware of the essential role business aviation plays for citizens, companies and communities across the country," Bolen told Forum attendees. As part of his presentation, Bolen showed the audience the campaign's television and newspaper advertisements. Business Times
Money, image move companies away from corporate jet use
Apr 12, 2009
Negative perceptions about business aviation and a challenging economic climate have led to decreased use of business airplanes and layoffs among the companies that manufacture them. Cessna Aircraft Company expects to lay off around 4,600 employees this year.

The Miami Herald
My View: Corporate planes are assets, not excess
Apr 06, 2009

By Stewart Lapayowker
In this unforgiving economic climate, businesses need every tool available to help them succeed, and job creation is as important as ever. Unfortunately, the manufacture and use of business airplanes - which supports both business competitiveness and job creation - is being hampered by negative stereotypes.

The [UK] Guardian
Corporate jet taboo forces Bombardier to shed 3,000 jobs
Apr 02, 2009

By Julia Kollewe
More layoffs announced in business aviation manufacturing, which has been beset by the economic downturn and mischaracterizations about the industry. Layoffs total in the many thousands, including those for this manufacturer, which announced that nearly 500 U.S. employees will lose their jobs.

No Plane No Gain: Sampling of 2010 Coverage

Since the launch of the No Plane No Gain advocacy campaign, a concerted effort has been made to deliver the message about the importance of business aviation through national and local news outlets. This sampling of national and local television coverage in 2010, highlights the campaign's effectiveness in communicating the industry's importance.

NBAA's Bolen on Fox Business Network

Click here to see Ed Bolen, President and CEO of NBAA, in an interview on Fox Business Network

NBAA's Bolen on DC's Newschannel 8

In an interview with Newschannel 8, Bolen explains that "... business aviation is prudent, cost-effective, and oftentimes, the only way to get where you're going."

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