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USA Today
Two new companies let you hop a private jet for less
Sep 22, 2009

By Charisse Jones, USA TODAY
Most companies using business airplanes "are small and midsize firms that are flying midlevel managers because it's the most efficient way to conduct business," NBAA's Ed Bolen says. 

[Lafayette, IN] Journal and Courier
Smaller airports defend fed funding
Sep 21, 2009

"Supporters of...smaller airports [say] they offer many benefits to their communities - from making travel easier for business leaders to crop-dusting, air ambulance flights, law enforcement activities and pilot training," this story reports.

The Wichita Eagle
General aviation counters media
Sep 19, 2009

"The airlines took a gratuitous swipe at general aviation," NBAA's Ed Bolen tells the Wichita Eagle about recent news coverage that negatively portrayed small airports and business aviation. 

The Kansas City Star
Wheeler Downtown Airport hopes to take off again
Sep 19, 2009

BYLINE: ERIC ADLER, The Kansas City Star
Business aviation is essential in a number of ways, but "Until very recently the turbulent economy had all but grounded the business jet and general aviation industry - use, sales, flights, everything," this article notes. "It walloped the industry," says NBAA's Ed Bolen.

The Las Vegas Sun
County hopes business travel will soar at Henderson airport
Sep 18, 2009

By Richard N. Velotta, In Business reporter
County hopes business travel will soar at Henderson airport September 18, 2009 As this story reports: "No plane, no gain. That is the message on how important general aviation is to the local economy delivered last week at the Henderson Executive Airport."

NPNG Press Release
No Plane No Gain Responds to Negative Small-Airport News Coverage
Sep 18, 2009
No Plane No Gain Responds to Negative Small-Airport News Coverage In light of news coverage maligning small airports and general aviation, NBAA and GAMA issued a statement noting that "because the coverage said nothing about the many ways business aviation provides value, readers and viewers were unfortunately left with a distorted view of the industry."

The Wichita Eagle
IAMAW President Buffenbarger to Invite President Obama to visit Wichita
Sep 15, 2009

By Molly McMillin
The No Plane No Gain campaign's message about the value of the 1.2 million jobs generated by business aviation was echoed by machinists union president Tom Buffenbarger, who this week invited President Obama to visit Wichita "to see to see the importance of the business jet industry."

Aero News Network
Citation Jet Owner Pilots Association Holds First Annual Meeting In Aspen
Sep 09, 2009
NBAA's Ed Bolen recently detailed the importance of business aviation to the economy and prosperity of the country a the inaugural meeting of the Citation Jet Pilots association. 

The Halogen Report
Corporate Jets: The Good And Bad By The Numbers
Sep 09, 2009

By Christopher Roy Correa
As this story reports "The 'No Plane No Gain' campaign, in association with the National Business Aviation Association and General Aviation Manufacturers Association...addresses the benefits of private planes."

Chicago Daily Herald
Do corporate jets actually put money into the local economy?
Sep 08, 2009
This story outlines how the No Plane No Gain campaign is working to combat misperceptions of business aviation by highlighting the industry's economic impact on places like the Chicago region.

Associated Press/Kansas City Star
Aviation Industry Suppliers Struggle along with Makers of Planes
Sep 07, 2009
Business aviation supports 1.2 million jobs, but a turbulent economy and misperceptions about the industry have taken a toll, as this story points out. In Wichita "Companies that supply aviation manufacturers have cut at least 1,000 jobs in the area since October as companies cancel or defer orders for planes."

Dayton Daily News
Aviation Maintenance Companies Feel a Pinch
Sep 05, 2009

By John Nolan, Staff Writer
Business aviation provides more than a million jobs, but the tough economy is adversely impacting those jobs. In Dayton, aviation maintenance companies have seen work slip by as much as 35 percent. 

The [Colorado Springs, CO] Gazette
Private Firms Balk at Paying Takeoff Fee
Sep 04, 2009

By Wayne Heilman;
As this article reports, NBAA's Ed Bolen tells a Colorado forum: "The business aviation industry provides more than 1.2 million jobs and provides business travelers access to more than 100 small towns that have lost most or all of their airline service."

Aero News Network
Fractional Jet Ownership Evolves
Sep 01, 2009
The challenging economy and misperceptions about business aviation are impacting trends in "fractional" use of business jets. 

FLYING Magazine E-Newsletter
Hawker Beechcraft Reveals More Cost-Cutting Measures
Aug 27, 2009
Hawker Beechcraft, another business airplane manufacturer that generates thousands of jobs, is making adjustments to the down market, which has been very challenging to the industry. 

Aviation Week
Cessna Readies For Piston-Production Cuts
Aug 24, 2009

By Benet Wilson
Business aviation manufacture - which contributes to a positive trade balance for the U.S. - continues to be challenged by the tough economy. One manufacturer has announced plans for another round of production cuts at plants focused on single-engine piston airplane production in Kansas and Georgia.

Aviation Week
Pilatus Cuts Hours, PC-12 Production Rate
Aug 21, 2009

By Robert Wall/Paris
Business aviation has been hit hard by the sluggish economy, which generates 1.2 million U.S. jobs. To avoid layoffs, one manufacturer has decided to cut work hours.

The Watsonville [CA] Register-Pajaronian
Watsonville Airport is a Wonderful Asset for the City
Aug 18, 2009

Watsonville Airport is a wonderful asset for the city Tuesday, Aug 18th, 2009 Business aviation provides a lifeline for communities without airline service. As a Watsonville, CA city official's opinion column notes:"Local businesses can use the Watsonville Airport to travel, at relatively low cost, to places like Visalia, Bakersfield or to any of the other 13,000 airports around the country not served by commercial air carriers."

The Des Moines Register
Aviation's impact seen across Iowa economy
Aug 16, 2009

"The efficiency of hundreds of Iowa businesses is improved and their productivity is increased through use of aviation," according to a study cited in this article.

Associated Press
Ark. senators defend company use of private planes
Aug 12, 2009
At a recent event, Arkansas' Senators and governor highlighted the importance of business aviation manufacture to the state's economy. More than 3,500 people work in Arkansas' aviation industry, which was responsible for $1.4 billion in exports in 2008.

Savannah Morning News
Gulfstream's jets are work horses
Aug 11, 2009
"The recent decision by the House Appropriations Committee to buy the Gulfstream G550s business jets to ferry top government officials and members of Congress is a sound one," this newspaper's editorial states.

Aviation International News
J.P. Morgan: Bizjet Market Stabilized, but Stagnant
Aug 06, 2009

Chad Trautvetter
J.P. Morgan: Bizjet Market Stabilized, but Stagnant August 6, 2009 A harsh economic environment continues to take a toll on business aviation manufacturing and operations - both major sources of employment.

The Associated Press
Report: Airplane shipments down nearly 46 percent
Aug 04, 2009
The sluggish economy continues to take a toll on business aviation, and the many jobs it supports. "GAMA president Pete Bunce said layoffs continue and the industry has been forced to slow or halt production lines," this story reports.

Wichita Aviation Industry Still Turbulent
Aug 03, 2009

Reporter: Chris Frank
Economic challenges and misperceptions continue to take a toll on business aviation, which traditionally generates 1.2 million jobs. An analyst quoted in this story predicts: "It could be a negative order year for business jets in 2009." 

The Arizona Republic
Panel backs plan that may bring more jets to Scottsdale
Aug 03, 2009
Recognizing the economic benefits that come with business aviation, a Scottsdale Airport Commissioner says: "I don't know how you grow a city and a community without growing the infrastructure."

The [Appleton, WI] Post-Crescent
Greenville stands up for Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. jobs
Jul 29, 2009

By Ed Lowe, Post-Crescent staff writer
The Town Chairman in Greenville, WI recognizes the value of the 700 local jobs supported by Gulfstream Aerospace Corp., a manufacturer of airplanes used by businesses. Nationally, the industry supports "1.2 million highly skilled, high-paying American jobs," a company spokesman says.

Associated Press
Planes aren't flying
Jul 24, 2009

With the economy battering business aviation, business jet traffic has slowed at the McComb-Pike County Airport in Brookhaven, MS. The airport director reports: "The last couple of months, traffic for us and everybody else has been really low," he said. "Business jet traffic is really falling off

[The Ft. Smith, AR] Southwest Times Record
Aviation Copes With Recession
Jul 19, 2009
A sluggish economy and misperceptions about business aviation have led to a decrease in the purchase and use of business airplanes. "Companies that have kept their planes also are flying them less and refueling them less as a consequence," this story reports.

Aero News Network
Leading Bizjet Market Analyst Predicts 10 Years Of Slower Deliveries
Jul 10, 2009
Citing economic turbulence and misperceptions about business aviation, market analysts Brian Foley Associates recently reported that their forecast does not anticipate that business aircraft sales will return to 2008 levels within their 10-year forecast horizon.

Fox Business News
Fox Business News Tells Viewers: No Plane No Gain
Jul 07, 2009
NBAA President and CEO Ed Bolen and Barry LaBov, president and CEO of NBAA Member Company LaBov and Beyond, appeared today in several interviews on Fox Business News to dispel negative stereotypes of business aviation. The two discussed the value business aviation brings to thousands of companies across the country.

Fox Business News
Fox Business News Tells Viewers: Business Aviation Makes Sense
Jul 07, 2009
In another interview Fox Business News interviews Ed Bolen, NBAA president and CEO, and Barry LaBov, president and CEO of LaBov and Beyond, about the benefits of business aviation. Companies can visit multiple sites in a single day, work en route and grow their business using business aircraft.

Fox Business News
Fox Business News: Business Aviation Helps Companies Ascend
Jul 07, 2009
In another interview Fox Business News interviews Ed Bolen, NBAA president and CEO, and Barry LaBov, president and CEO of NBAA Member Company LaBov and Beyond, about the benefits of business aviation. Companies can visit multiple sites in a single day, work en route and grow their business using business aircraft.

Business Jet Market Faces Slow Recovery
Jul 04, 2009
The business jet market continues to be impacted by the recession and lack of credit for aircraft purchases by smaller companies and individual owners, this story notes.

No Plane No Gain: On The Air
Jul 01, 2009
Since the launch of the No Plane No Gain program in February, the campaign has spoken with a variety of news outlets, or coordinated interviews with people in the industry, to explain the importance of business aviation to the nation's economic and transportation systems.The interviews have included a number of appearances on national and local television programs, and the No Plane No Gain web site now has some highlights from the coverage.

Business & Commercial Aviation
Special Report: Servicing Smalltown, USA
Jul 01, 2009

By George C. Larson
This story notes that, in explaining the essential role business aviation plays in the nation's transportation and economic systems, NBAA and GAMA are "focusing on the 1.2 million jobs it comprises, the $150 billion in economic activity it generates, its positive trade balance and its humanitarian work, by rushing human organs for transplant, transporting cancer victims to treatment centers and reuniting wounded veterans with their families and friends, among other things." 

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Inaccurate stereotypes of jet-setting execs taking toll, operators say
Jun 25, 2009

By Joe Taschler
Inaccurate stereotypes of jet-setting execs taking toll, operators say June 25, 2009 Misperceptions about business aviation have exacerbated the economic woes hitting the industry. Flights are down at small community airports that often are without airline service. "Across Wisconsin, general aviation brings personnel and equipment to manufacturing and service businesses that are a fair distance from metropolitan areas," the paper notes.

Wall Street Journal
WSJ runs NBAA letter about sensationalist industry coverage
Jun 24, 2009
A Letter from NBAA's Ed Bolen published in the June 24 edition of The Wall Street Journal responds to the newspaper's recent account of business aviation, which missed key facts about the mode of transportation and overlooked its benefits.

Chicago Tribune
2010 seen as another bumpy year for business jets
Jun 22, 2009

By Christopher Hinton | McClatchy/Tribune news
The challenging economy and misperceptions about business aviation continue to take a toll on the industry, a situation that is not expected to change anytime soon. "We anticipate 2010 is going to be a tough year for business aviation," a Rockwell Collins representative tells the newspaper at an aviation show.

San Fernando Valley Business Journal
Aviation Battles a Black Eye
Jun 22, 2009

By Mark Madler
"What we are trying to do is tell the full and complete story of business aviation and not be defined by an unrepresentative stereotype...," NBAA's Ed Bolen says of the No Plane No Gain campaign.

San Fernando Valley Business Journal
Whiteman Serving Business Aviation in Low Key Way
Jun 22, 2009

By Mark Madler
Business aviation serves airports which, like Whiteman Airport, are often without airline service. As this story reports, "...Whiteman Airport may be a small airfield but it looms large for those pilots keeping aircraft there and businesses located there."

No Plane No Gain: Sampling of 2010 Coverage

Since the launch of the No Plane No Gain advocacy campaign, a concerted effort has been made to deliver the message about the importance of business aviation through national and local news outlets. This sampling of national and local television coverage in 2010, highlights the campaign's effectiveness in communicating the industry's importance.

NBAA's Bolen on Fox Business Network

Click here to see Ed Bolen, President and CEO of NBAA, in an interview on Fox Business Network

NBAA's Bolen on DC's Newschannel 8

In an interview with Newschannel 8, Bolen explains that "... business aviation is prudent, cost-effective, and oftentimes, the only way to get where you're going."

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