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Business Aviation Is An Efficiency & Productivity Tool
For Tens Of Thousands Of Businesses

Because time is money.

Quick Facts

Companies needing to reach multiple destinations in a single day rely on business aviation. This type of itinerary is often impossible to keep using other modes of transportation.

When using a business airplane, employees can meet, plan and work en route. Employees can discuss proprietary information in a secure environment and without fear of eavesdropping, industrial espionage or physical threat.

Many aircraft have technologies that allow employees to remain in communication with colleagues on the ground throughout the duration of their flight. This is critical for companies managing a rapidly changing situation.

Business aviation allows companies to safely transport tools and materials that cannot be carried aboard airlines, enabling them to solve urgent problems efficiently and quickly.

Business aviation is a time multiplier allowing key employees to do more, faster.  Much like an investment in state of the art computer software, a business airplane boosts employee efficiency and productivity. Efficiency=Productivity=Profits. 


CEMCO Inc. has been manufacturing industrial crushing and crop thinning equipment since 1962 and has forty employees.  “CEMCO Inc. uses the skies to connect with customers, and promote our services to new areas and new customers. Instead of using ground transportation, which can cost us precious time, our airplane allows us to remain competitive.” (Alamogordo Daily News, 8/23/07)
   - Neil Hise, CEMCO Inc., Belen, NM
Aurora Aviation

“The vast majority -- 85 percent -- of the businesses that use general aviation are small and mid-size businesses, and the pilots who rely on flight instruction services serve everyone from manufacturers to nurseries and greenhouses. These small businesses rely on their planes to get quick and efficient access to distributors, sales representatives and their customers. Many of these businesses serve rural communities and provide essential products and services to keep communities prosperous and thriving.” (Oregonian, 9/19/07)
   - Bruce Bennett, Aurora Aviation, Aurora, OR


Business Aviation In Today's Economy: A Shareholder Perspective
Commissioned by the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) and GAMA, this study, conducted by analysts for Arthur Anderson, thoroughly explores the benefits of owning a small aircraft for business purposes. The study finds that "business aircraft can make a substantial difference in how a company performs its mission, in many cases generating significant gains in the drivers of shareholder value."
Business Aviation In Today's Economy: A guide to the analysis of business aircraft use...
This study "identifies the range of business aircraft utilization strategies," available to companies, and assesses whether each type of use benefits a company "in the form of greater shareholder value." The study explores the specific benefits business aircraft provide not only to a company's shareholders, but to its employees.
Business Aircraft Operations: Financial Benefits And Intangible Advantages
Developed by PRC Aviation in 1990, this study determines the cost savings for companies using business aircraft when it is the best alternative to use of the airlines. The study confirms that the advantages of business aircraft use in such situations can help minimize idle periods for employees and help deliver workers to an airport located in close proximity to a business destination, helping make the best use of their time.
1999 NBAA Business Aviation Study by J.D. Power And Associates
This presentation by J.D. Power and Associates investigates the trends in aircraft utilization by organizations.

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