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NBAA's Bolen on Wall Street Journal's "This Morning" Radio Show

Ohio news outlets have covered the story of a business aviation mission coordinated to bring an infant in the earthquake to Shriners Hospital for Children to correct burns to her face, legs and stomach. The mission was coordinated by Corporate Aircraft Responding in Emergencies (CARE), which is mentioned in the story and was formed with NBAA's support. A story in the Cincinnati Enquirer can be read here.

Pete Bunce Reports on No Plane No Gain at GAMA's Annual Event

At GAMA's Annual Industry Review & Market Outlook Briefing, held Feb. 16, 2010 in Washington, DC, GAMA President and CEO, Pete Bunce, provided an update on the work being done through the No Plane No Gain campaign to educate policymakers and opinion leaders about the value of business aviation. "Last year, in this very room...we launched the No Plane No Gain campaign with NBAA," Bunce recalled, highlighting the many initiatives undertaken in the year since the campaign's launch, including the surveys and studies produced, the online resources provided and more. This clip provides a complete audio feed of Bunce's remarks concerning No Plane No Gain.

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